Frequently Asked Questions

VICSAH Seller is a program created to help businesses list and sell their products to millions of customers in UAE and across the GCC.
We currently have made all the electronics, computers, pet supplies, sporting goods, books, and other categories available for sellers. Fashion and groceries categories are currently not available for listing. You can view the available categories list on the pricing page.
We are concerned with the quality of the products being listed on VICSAH, and we want our customers to be happy with their purchases, so we have some rules in place for products being listed. All the products being listed must be original, in a brand-new condition, unless otherwise stated. We do not allow listing of dangerous products and any products that are prohibited in the country of sale.
Selling on VICSAH is easy and give you access to millions of customers across the GCC and around the world! By listing your products on VICSAH, you have an instant reach to millions of customers, and all the facilities provided to help you sell more. Also, selling on VICSAH is inexpensive, and transparent.
We do weekly bank transfers to your company’s registered bank account. The transferred amount will be based on the weekly statement which sums all the sales revenue minus our selling fees and returns.
If you are listing products that are already available on VICSAH, then you can easily find that item through the search in your selling admin panel, add your price, and availability, and it will be live. If you want to sell products that are not yet listed on VICSAH, then you can send us your products list and we will add those products for you in a matter of days.
You will automatically receive an email to the registered email address. Also, you will be able to view and manage all the orders in your seller admin panel.
When you opt for Fulfillment by VICSAH, VICSAH will keep your stock in their warehouses and will ship the order whenever an order for your items is received. This approach minimizes the processing time, as the items are already in our warehouses, and it’s even less work for the seller.